23 of the Rarest Historical Photographs That You Won’t Believe Actually Existed

W.H. Murphy and his associate demonstrating their bulletproof vest, 1923.

These two bullets were found after the Battle of Gallipoli which started in 1915 and ended in 1916 during WWI.

The making of Eiffel Tower, 

The first “The Apple”, India’s first satellite being transported manually

Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding cake 

Remains of Russian Astronaut Vladimir Komarov, who fell from space, 1967.

Statue of Liberty before being sent to America

One of the first photos taken inside of Hitler’s bunker (Führerbunker), 1945. This was where he killed himself by gunshot on 30 April 1945.

Measuring Bathing Suits, If They Were Too Short, Women Would Be Fined, 1920’s

Bruce Lee dancing the Cha Cha, 1958

Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein 

Filming of the MGM opening credits (1928)

The greatest assembly of the greatest minds that ever existed, 1927

Back row L-R: A Piccard, E Henriot, P Ehrenfest, Ed Herzen, Th. De Donder, E Schroedinger, E Verschaffelt, W Pauli, W Heisenberg, R. H Fowler, L Brillouin
Middle row L-R: P Debye, M Knudsen, W. L Bragg, H. A Kramers. P. A. M Dirac, A. H Compton, L. V. De Broglie, M Born, N Bohr
Front row: L-R: Angmeir, M Planck, M Curie, H. A Lorentz, A Einstein, P Langevin, Ch. E Guye, C. T. R Wilson, O. W Richardson

The very last picture of the Beatles together, 1969 

Osama Bin Laden with his Judo mates

Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke left this family photo behind on the moon in 1972.

Albert Einstein’s matriculation certificate that he received at the age of 17, showing his final grades from the Aargau Kantonsschule (on a scale of 1-6).

Batman, Behind the scenes, 1966

The first computer in England, 1950

Golden Gate bridge construction, 1937

Boxing at Yankee Stadium, 1923

A child with artificial legs, 1898

The 10MB $5995 computer

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