20+ Stunning Pictures That You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped


Change of seasons: the change between winter and spring

A temple covered in ash from the 2014 Mount Ontake volcanic eruption, Japan

A runway strip of an airport begins right at the Maho beach in Saint Martin

Magic Tap of Aqualand in Spain held up by the transparent tube that is hidden by the deluge itself

Philadelphia Phillies Ben Francisco reacts after being hit in the head with a pitch by Cincinnati Reds Logan Ondrusek during the MLB National League Division Series

Lightning in Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Railway Track after an earthquake in New Zealand

A sculpture in New Zealand designed to look like a cartoon

A Japanese synchronized swimmer in a shoal of fish.

Yunnan, China

Namib Dessert

Neon blue lava pours from Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen Volcano

Nuclear thunderstorm: the formation of a thunderstorm, taken from 11,000 meters high

Solar Eclipse from Arizona that looks like a sunset over a different planet. 

The Solna Centrum subway station in Stockholm looks like the escalator to hell

Sunlight bouncing off water during a sunset.

Three times world champion Mick Fanning surfing under the Northern lights

Trees in Schonbrunn Park

3D Projection onto trees

Yosemite’s Bridevale waterfall

Work of art that alters your perception of space and distance

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