25 Photographs That Simply Warmed Our Hearts

The power of photographs is inexplainable. Most think power is just about eliciting some kind of intellectual connection. But it can simply bring joy to you and warm your heart. When you look at these photographs, you will understand what I am trying to say.

Little Lives: Three-leaf Clover with tiny mushrooms.

Beauty of Greenery: Linderhof Castle, Bavaria

Tsunami over Sydney

Kids riding Buffalo while playing with an iPad

Motherly Love: Mother cheetah with her baby cheetahs.

Ariel view of one of the world’s biggest cities

Oddly satisfying picture of logs fitted perfectly like puzzle pieces.

Traffic of ships

Why fit in when you were born to stand out

Polar Bear adorably playing in a flowery garden

The fine line: A lavender field

The beauty in chaos: thunder over a lake during sunset

Dreamhouse: House of Kirillov, the blacksmith from Russia

The color of seasons and the color of trees

A happily married polar bear couple adorably waving at the camera

This dog is clearly not impressed by the man’s driving, but the cat is petrified!

Hoot Hoot! Who’s there?

This heartwarming picture of a hurt cheetah being taken care of by its caretaker.

A good friend always has your back!

Old by age, but still young by hearts!

If this friendship between a dog and a cat doesn’t melt you, you’ve got a heart of stone.

Surf surf surf away!

The airplane art

Who’s faster?

What do you think?

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