12 Hairstyle Tricks That’ll Immediately Make Your Hair-do Look A Lot Better

Win the hair game like a pro!

Having a good hair day is one of the best feelings in the world. But luck is not always on our side on most days. We’ve all been in days when we’re running late and could care less about our hair, or when our hair just does not try to cooperate with us, or even when we’re too lazy to do anything to it at all. Running to the salon every day is not an option. So how do we still keep our hair to look flawless at such times? Here’s 17 hairstyle tricks that’ll answer all these questions and immediately make your hair-do look a lot better.

Use dry shampoo the night before


Dry shampoo is the holy grail for anyone with even slightly oily hair. It saves a lot of time and is great when you’re just too lazy to wash your hair. Using dry shampoo the night before will suck all the excess oil in your hair and make it look as if you’ve just stepped out of the shower and blow dried your hair.

Elegant headband twist in less than 60 seconds

Instead of wrapping your hair in a bun at the last minute, use your headband to make an elegant bun. Just roll your hair over the headband, pull it over your head like you’d usually do and you’re done. Tease a little if you’re feeling like it and set everything with some hairspray. Elegant flawless bun in less than 60 seconds.

Instead of spraying hairspray in your hair, spray it in your hands

Spraying hairspray directly onto your hair can stiffen it and even damage it. To avoid that, spray the hairspray lightly in your hands and rub it in your hair. It’ll do the job just as right.

Instant longer and fuller ponytail

A regular ponytail can sometimes look to casual and lifeless. To add some life to it, you can double its length and volume. How? It’s really easy. Just split your hair into two sections, one upper and one lower. Tie them both differently in a ponytail. Tease the upper ponytail and brush it as so to cover the lower ponytail. And Voila! Instant 2x long and voluminous ponytail in no time.

Create this wonderful waterfall braid to look like the mermaid queen

Step up your braid game with a beautiful waterfall braid. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.


DIY Salt Spray for that extra texture to your waves

Are you scared of toxic hair sprays? Create your own all natural hair spray with these simple ingredients. All you need is some sea salt and seltzer/carbonated water. Take an empty bottle of hair spray and fill it with 20 ounces of seltzer/carbonated water and a tablespoon of sea salt. Add some tea tree oil, or your favorite conditioner if you want to. And you’re done. Use it as you like to add that naturally wavy texture to your hair.

How to curl your hair in less than 2 minutes

Curling your hair can feel like an hour of work, but doing it right can take less than 2 seconds. Just make a high ponytail and split your hair into 2-3 section as per the thickness of your hair and how big you want your waves(if you want bigger curls, make bigger sections, and vice versa). Curl those sections and remove the hair tie. Add some hairspray, give your hair a good toss and you’re ready to shine on the world( in less than 2 minutes).  

Perfect quick twist for short hair

Having a short hair might sometimes feel like you don’t have much versatility when it comes to hairstyles, but the good news is, you’re wrong. This perfect quick and easy twist is chic, elegant and easiest to do. Part your hair into two halves. Take your hair in the right half and twist it, and do the same to the left side. Tuck the two twists together and seal it with a bobby pin.

Whenever you’re in doubt, grab a bandana

Bandanas are every girl’s best friend. Whether you’re running late, having a bad hair day, or just feeling lazy, just wrapping a bandana around your head with a simple ponytail, or bun or even loose hair can immediately step up your hair game.

Try this super easy and super chic pompadour

Heatless overnight curls


Do you want wavy, curly hair but are too scared to use hair curlers because they take the life out of your hair. Well, this easy hair hack will give you your best curls without using any heat or product at all. Wash your hair and let it air dry until it’s like 50% dry but still damp. Section your hair into two (or four, as per the thickness of your hair). Twist the hair in each section and wrap them up with a hair tie. Get yourself your beauty sleep and when you wake up, you’ll have beautiful wavy hair without using anything at all. You can also use it during the day if you have extra 3-4 hours to spare.

Try this easy, elegant and super fun Elsa from Frozen hair

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