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16 Genius Travel Hacks That’ll Save You Money, Time, and Space

Ready for your next travel adventure? Or finally planning a vacation this summer? Don’t leave before knowing these awesomely genius travel hacks. These hacks will save your money, space, and your life.

1. Keep money in unexpected places to save them from being stolen.

2. To save your battery from draining fast, keep your phone in cooler places. Avoiding your phone from getting hot can save a hell lot of battery.


3. Use a pencil case or sunglasses case for storing your cables. 

4. Plan your everyday outfits beforehand and pack them in a ziplock bag. It will save you a lot of time and space.

5. Use ATM to get local currency instead of exchanging them. Local currency exchangers can take extra charges. Using the ATM instead will save you a lot of money.

6. Cover the bottles of shampoos, lotions or conditioner will a piece of plastic before putting the cap on. It will save it from spilling all over all the other stuff in your luggage.

7. Check out comments on Foursquare to know WiFi passwords of restaurants and cafes.

8. Book flights on Tuesdays at 3.00 pm, six weeks before your flight.

9. Put a cotton pad in your makeup to save them from breaking.


10. Keep your regular moisturizer, foundation, gel, etc. in a contact lens container. Will save you a lot of space. 

11. Don’t fold your clothes. Roll them.


12. Take pictures of your id, passport, luggage and other important documents beforehand. It’ll save your life in case you lose them or forget them in your hotel room. 

13. Use the tv USB outlets to charge your phone.

14. Use scented soaps in your suitcase to keep them from smelling bad. 

15. If you’re out for a short trip, pack some toothpaste in eyedrop containers.



16. Use Map My Walk app to find out cool places along the road trip.

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