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This Artist Makes Stunning Pencil Drawings of Movie and TV Characters

From Sheldon Cooper to Heisenberg, he has created them all.

Meet Andrew Wilson. His meticulous work show great attention to details and amazing use of highlights and shadows while using colours. Looking at his current instagram page, this Ontario based illustrator is currently into tattoos too, and they are marvelous too. You can check him out on his Facebook page. Here, however, we look at his breathtaking pencil drawings of movie and TV characters.

1. Sheldon Cooper | Jim Parsons | Bing Bang Theory

2. C-3PO | Star Wars

3. Walter Sobchak | John Goodman | The Big Lebowski

4. Robin Williams

5. Clone Trooper | Star Wars

6. Theodore | Joaquin Phoenix | Her

7. Dexter Morgan | Michael C.H. Hall | Dexter

8. Kip | Aaron Ruell | Napoleon Dynamite

9. Sheriff Woody and Tom Hanks | Toy Story

10. Saul Goodman | Bob Odenkirk | Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul

11. Walter White | Bran Cranston | Breaking Bad

12. Jesse Pinkman | Aaron Paul | Breaking Bad

13. Neytiri | Avatar

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