6 Movie Scenes That Are Different In Different Countries

People all around the world watch and love movies. It’s one of the most preferred ways of recreation. Talking of preferences, Hollywood movies are the most preferred movies in the world and to maintain that, Hollywood movies consider audiences from all around the globe while making movie scenes. To scoop up the hearts of as many audiences as possible, many Hollywood movies alter the movie scenes and even characters in different places. Here are the top 6 movie scenes that are different in different countries.

Hodor says “Hold the door” different in different languages

Out of all the deaths in Game of Thrones, Hodor’s death was undoubtedly one of the most heartbreaking and popular one. It’d not be an exaggeration to say its one of the most famous scene in the television history. It was at that episode when we found out the name Hodor came from him saying the phrase “Hold the door” repeatedly. But for the makers of Game of Thrones, it was quite hard to adapt it to different languages. They needed to figure out phrases that turned out to the name “Hodor” but still made sense. However they’ve done it, they’ve done it in 21 languages, and its quite impressive. Here are some:


Different greens in “Eat your greens kid!” in Inside Out

If there’s one thing kids around the world have in common, its has to be their hatred to vegetables. Kids hate vegetables, and so did the kid in Inside Out. But different kids in different countries eat different vegetables, and so the makers of the movie had to alter the vegetable scene as so. In the UK and US, Riley from inside Out refuses to have Broccoli, but in Japan, she refuses to have bell peppers. Director Pete Docter mentioned that to make this tiny cultural difference in the scene, they had to take a total of 45 shots and make 28 graphic alterations.

Extra added, extended and alternative scenes in Iron Man 3 in China

Chinese people got to see more of Iron Man 3 than people in the US. Since Iron Man 3 is a co-production of Marvel Studios and China-based DMG Entertainment, the chinese version of the movies had some extended and added movie scenes that were not included in the US version of the movie. For instance, the introduction of the character Dr. Wu (Wang Xueqi) is a bit longer and has some additional scenes in the chinese version. There’s also a new scene in the chinese version where Dr. Qu’s nurse is introduced and Iron Man is featured with middle school students. Overall, about 4 minute of extra footage is added on the chinese version of Iron Man 3.


The many species of animals of the news anchor in Zootropolis

In the movie Zootroplis, the scene of morning news had different animals newscasters in different countries. In Canada, USA, and France, the anchor is a Moosebridge, in New Zealand and Australia it’s a Koala, in Japan its a Tanuki, and in  China and Brazil, its a Panda,

The different  to-do lists of Captain America in The Winter Soldier

In The Winter Soldier, it is shown that Captain America keeps a to-do list of cultural touchstones he wants to get hold on in course of his evaluation. In the U.S. you see this list:


But outside the U.S., the list is different as per the culture of the respective country.

In the UK, it’s:

In Russia, it’s:


South Korea:



Changing the background behind Buzz Lightyear from an American flag to a spinning globe in Toy Story 2

After the awesome speech of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 2, an American Flag is seen to appear behind him with “The Star-Spangled Danner” playing in the background. However, for the international release, the makers changed the American flag to a spinning globe and played a new compose called “One World Anthem” by Randy Newman in the background





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