11 Interesting Photographs from History You Need To See

Old is gold.

1. Moscow, 1991. Russians stay in a queue to get inside McDonald’s first fast food restaurant.

2. Korea, 1954. Ever so gorgeous Marilyn Monroe entertains troops on stage.

3. Istanbul, 1878. Russian army almost reached Istanbul, and the Russian soldier looks over Istanbul

4. Battle of Saipan, Japan, July 1944. An American soldier holds a wounded Japanese child and protects him from the rain in an airplane cockpit. They are waiting for the transport to arrive so that they can take him to a field hospital.

5. October 3, 1992. Michelle Obama and Barack Obama get married.

6. Khorgos, 1984. Soviet border guards patrols the USSR-China border

7. Ontario, 1974. An officer guards the pharmacy during high-flood waters.

8. 1922. The 3245 year old seal on Tuntankhamen’s tomb before it was broken.

9. St. Augustine, Flordia, 1964. Martin Luther King gets arrested for demanding service at white-only restaurant.

10. 1970. A foot guard passes out during Queen Elizabeth II’s parade

11. Che Guevera enjoys a drink

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