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11 Health Benefits of Kerson Fruit (Aratilis) You Need to Know

Kerson Fruit has a cherry like fruit on its plant, and is one of the fastest growing tree. There are many health benefits of taking kerson fruit as it is rich with antibacterial compounds. The latin name of Kerson Fruit is Muntingia Calabura, which is found primarily in Asia and Latin America. Here are some health benefits of kerson fruit:

Health Benefits of Kerson Fruit

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1. Source of Vitamin C

100gms of kerson berries is equivalent to 150mgs of Vitamin C. This Vitamin helps to prevent cold and flu, and work to improve some types of cardiovascular disease.

2. Gout Relief

When uric acid in your system, you develop chances of building gout, a painful form of arthritis. Kerson Fruit doesn’t cure gout. What it does is it helps to relieve the pain while having gout, if eaten 3 times a day, 9-12 fruits each time.

3. Headache Relief

The berries help to relax blood vessels, and that helps in normal flow of blood, which then in turn, helps in reducing headaches.

4. Source of important nutrients

It contains several nutrients, which includes fiber, carbs, protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron, and B-vitamins, with their own nutritional benefits.

5. Pain blocker

If you make team from the Kerson fruit leaves, it can block the pain receptors. How it works? Well, you know you have nerve cells all over your body. So when they receive pain stimuli, they send message to your brain, and then you feel pain. The tea made from Kerson fruit leaves block those messages, and thus, there is less chances that you feel pain. This is quite similar to how opiate works, but without any bad effects. Also, the fruit is a good pain reliever.

6. Prevents cancer

There are properties in Kerson fruit leaves that helps to reduce tumour growth. But much more needs to be done to be more definitive about this property.

7. Anti-inflammatory benefits

Kerson fruit is a good anti-inflammatory agent. Most of the inflammation is felt when your joints and tissues swell, or when you have fever. Kerson tea reduces the inflammation.

8. Reduces blood pressure

Kerson tea contains nitric oxide in large amount. Nitric oxide is a natural chemical that relaxes blood vessels so that blood can flow freely, and this in turn, reduces pressure.

9. Cardiovascular benefits

The anti-oxidants present in the kerson fruit tea can prevent types of inflammation that cause myocardial infarction, or heart attack.

10. Improves Digestion

You can boil the kerson flowers and make a soothing drink. Drinking that can help to calm upset stomachs, gas cramps, and indigestions.

11. Helps people with diabetes

One health benefit of kerson fruit is that it helps to lower blood sugar, and regular consumption can mean less medicine or lower injection doses. In the countries where kerson fruit is taken dominantly, the fruit is used to prevent diabetes.

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